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MIR is a mixed medley of health advice, personal development, spirituality, philosophy, and even business theory. It’s all related! We talk about health, family, love, spirituality, and business with the goal of creating happiness on the outside through self-improvement on the inside.


Driven, yet crunchy ‘Momtrepreneur’ living in the Appalachian Mountains: Sam is a passionate educator of many topics including home-business, alternative health, personal development, childbirth, essential oils and life-style design. She started her at-home business when she was 7 months pregnant as a stay-at-home mom of a wild 2 year old. She never graduated college or felt satisfied in her previous jobs. She knows what it is like to dream big but live small. She struggled for years to transform her passions into a living. It wasn’t until she started transforming her thinking in health, in life, and in business, that she began succeeding.

Her mission is to inspire and educate people to have their own "inner revolution," in order to start living a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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fat is bad for you

The Saturated Fat Myth [Guest Post]

“This stuff will kill you,” and “you’ve been lied to!” These are just a few of my favorite catch phrases from
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Are Essential Oils Safe for Pregnancy?

For my first pregnancy, I was super paranoid. I’d think things like: “Is this deodorant going to give my baby a
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Cleaning With Essential Oils.

If you only make one change towards healthy living it should be this: Stop using toxic chemicals in your home!
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